Quality is Very Important

The same holds true for their brake Rotors and Drums. Quality is very important to them, and this is why Brake Masters has a quality standard that is far above the rest. This is why they will never install generic “white box” Rotors or Drums like the majority of our competitors often do to boost their bottom line - but not us! We only install the highest quality rotors and drums available -- period!

Also, we never recommend resurfacing/turning of your old brake rotors. This process will only make them thinner and more susceptible to early warping. All rotors will warp over time from the excessive heating and cooling process they endure and a thinner rotor will only accelerate this process. If you feel any pulsation/vibration while braking (especially at higher speeds) this indicates your rotors are warped and in need of replacing along with new OEM pads for safe operation. Other factors contributing to your rotors demise are: road salt and sand, poor quality semi-metallic pads, moisture and general wear and tear from everyday city driving.

We will inspect your rotors to determine if replacement is necessary. Call now and start saving today!