28 Years of Service

As a teenager growing up in Arlington, VA in the late seventies, I tinkered with old cars that were hand-me-downs from my older brother and dad. We didn’t have much money so this was the only way I could have "wheels".

After High School, I nursed one of those old cars through College - learning how to repair some things along to way. After graduating and starting my first real job (in a Brokerage Firm in Georgetown) and sharing a house with fellow grads. I found myself in same boat as everyone else - where can I finding a honest and reliable repair shop if I ever need repairs.

One day I was commuting to work and heard a horrible grinding noise every time I applied the brake. Having little time and no experience with brake repair, I headed off in search of a repair shop. I stopped by one of the large repair chains, one we all know but will go unnamed, to have the car checked and get an estimate. Well, to my horror, the estimate came back at nearly $850. I promptly and politely said no and was off the the library for a repair manual.

Feeling a little apprehensive but determined with my newly found knowledge - I started on my first brake job. Some four hours later she was back in one piece and ready for a test drive. Wow, what a feeling - just like new.

That’s when it hit me. With a lot of practice and training, I could become a “Brake Master”. It wasn’t long after that, I decided to quit my job and become the first MOBILE BRAKE REPAIR SERVICE. And as they say - the rest is history.

28 years later, I am more passionate than ever about giving my customers the highest quality workmanship, with the least amount hassle, and at the lowest price possible.

So thanks, large impersonal chain store, for giving me the idea for Brake Masters Mobile Service. And now you don’t have suffer the indignity of these mega chain stores who think they are the only show in town!

- Steve Newman