Our Warranty and Pledge

Brake Masters will warranty our repairs for as long as our parts manufacturer will warranty there parts—which is 12 months/12,000 miles (parts and labor). This is standard warranty across the industry—Including Dealerships and independent garages. Some will try to charge for labor if parts fail prematurely–but not us–we will repair the problem at no additional charge to you. Period!

Don’t fall prey to the “lifetime warranty myth” ...
It does not exist. Brake pads and rotors have a life expectancy—just like tires, belts, and hoses. Nothing will last a lifetime. Tire companies don’t offer a lifetime warranty. Replacement batteries don’t carry a lifetime warranty.

Some large chains offer this as a sales ploy to sell the job. These shops get their parts from their neighborhood parts stores (i.e. Napa, CarQuest) that offer the same warranty to the shop as they do to customers buying off the street (12 months/12,000 miles).

If you do buy into this "myth" and try to collect—they will always find a way to up-sell you on some other brake component that they will claim caused this problem. So, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Don't get "taken for a ride" - Bust the myth and call us today!