Highest Quality Pads and Shoes

Brake Masters wants to be the only brake repair service you will ever need. To win your trust, we only use the highest quality OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement brake Pads and Shoes available. We strongly believe in providing you with the same high quality parts as the Dealer but without the high cost and hassle. These parts are essential to keeping that “new car” feel, but more importantly, keeping your family safe from those cheap less effective aftermarket parts used by majority of our competition. If they aren't OEM parts - then they’re just sub-par aftermarket impostors!

Additionally, Brake Masters will always install Ceramic OEM Pads when available - at no additional cost! Why do we do this? Because we know that ceramic pads have superior stopping power, longevity, low dusting, and quiet operation. This makes Ceramic OEM Pads our go-to choice and a part of why Brake Masters stands out from the rest.

Choose a service that uses only the best OEM parts available - Call today for your free estimate!